Can Unemployment Discrimination in Minnesota Happen to You?

Unemployment Discrimination

Is there any such thing as Unemployment Discrimination?  We have all heard the phrase it is easier to find a job when you have a job.

Obviously, this adage doesn’t help if you are unemployed and looking for a job – which raises the question:  can a person in Minnesota be discriminated against for being unemployed?

In Minnesota, the 87th Legislative session introduced S.F. No. 1919, a bill introduced to prevent discrimination of those how are unemployed.

Specifically, the rule was titled “DISCRIMINATION AGAINST UNEMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS PROHIBITED.”  Under this bill, employers could be penalized up to $10,000 for discriminating against a person who is unemployed.

It is well understood that an employer cannot discriminate against job applicants because of their race, gender, disabilities, etc.  That being said, the above referenced rule would make it unlawful for an employer in Minnesota to discriminate against an individual or applicant seeking a job based on their unemployment status.

Slowely, States including Minnesota are taking a proactive stance on employers who through unemployment discrimination are taking negative actions towards those loosing their jobs or those without a job.  If this is you, please consider contacting this law office for help.

Additionally, the above rule would make it illegal for employers to discriminate against those who are unemployed and would imposes a duty on employers when advertising a job posting.

In other words, the above rule would make it illegal to advertise or solicited job applications while making it mandatory or required that an applicant be employed to be considered for a job.

Additionally, unemployed persons in Minnesota will have recourse against employers in Minnesota who are discriminating against individuals based on their unemployment status.

Until then, an unemployed person in Minnesota and those in favor of the above referenced rule should consider reaching out to their representative if you believe it should be unlawful to to discriminate against unemployed individuals.

How Can An Unemployment Lawyer Help?

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