Do not forget Unemployment Taxes on your Tax Return

Unemployment Taxes
Unemployment Taxes

Unemployment taxes are real.  Every person who received unemployment benefits from Minnesota is encouraged to address this issue with their tax preparer.

Unemployment Taxes Tip #1

Even more significantly, seek advisement from a tax professional on whether job search expenses (internet, phone, resume  paper, business cards, etc.) can be itemized or deducted from a tax return.

Unemployment Tax Tip #2

Within an online unemployment account, applicants can download their weekly benefits and review whether they had taxes deducted.  Likely, this information will be helpful while filing out a tax return.

Unemployment Tax Tip #3

People who received unemployment benefits should expect receiving form 1099.  For those looking to conduct their own research, here is a credible site.

Closing Thoughts

As many applicants seeking benefits in MN quickly conclude, the unemployment process is stressful.  Combat this stress by doing homework.

Whether an applicant is new to the unemployment process or their job requires seasonal requests, being diligent is critical.