Translate Unemployment and a Different Language

Different Language
Different Language

Applicants that speak and read a different language should always ask the unemployment office in Minnesota for a translator.

Whether applicants are asking simple questions by phone, appealing benefits or filling out questionnaires, the same rule applies.  Ask for a translator.

Different Language is Obscure?

Different dialects?  Different tribes or regions?  Be specific.  I believe people should make the unemployment office adapt to their specific language or needs versus an applicant adapting to DEED’s availability.

Translator Requests

In my experience, requesting a translator or translation should always be in writing because Applicants need to generate a paper trail.  A paper trail showing a need or request for help is a great way to show support for due process.

Translator gets Denied

Generally, translating services through Minnesota’s unemployment office are free.

On the other hand, asking a second person (like a family member or through a paid service) is an excellent strategy when applicants are unsure of the translator hired by the court.