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Wills in Minnesota
Wills in Minnesota

A Will in Minnesota is a tool persons who are living can use to reduce conflict between their heirs.

Problems arise when families fail to address significant questions on behalf of their children.

And, problems arise when people fail to address important questions like identifying an executor or plan for tax issues.

As an estate planning attorney, my goal is to educate and inspire a conversation with people and families needing help with a Will.

Will:  The Basics

Putting the legal terms aside, the primary purpose behind a document called a Will is to discusses what must happen to a person’s property, assets, and children upon their death.

The postings and articles below address these concepts, along with forming a final document, editing or amending it, and probate matters.

For those interested in meeting me one-on-one, I think my community education courses are fantastic.

Thus, I hope you find value in the following articles and posts.  Then, reach out for assistance with your matter.

Lost my Will

Help, I Lost my Will

Every once in a while, somebody will tell me “I lost my will”.  The next question I often get is “what should I do”? Well, I think the answer is obvious.  Look in the last place it was placed.  Unfortunately, when…