Prevent these Risks when you Contact the VA

Contact the VA
Contact the VA

Yes, you should contact the VA after a Veteran dies.

The easiest and fastest way to contact Veterans Affairs is calling them at:


Contact the VA:  Why?

Likely, you are reading this because your family suffered a loss.  I am sorry this occurred and my faith gives me comfort.

After a veteran dies and in addition to the next of kin, I believe every family should contact the VA as soon as possible for two main reasons:

  1. Avoid receiving an overpayment of Veteran benefits, and
  2. Seeking burial benefits.

Your Phone Call with Veterans Affairs

Once a person calls the VA, the phone representative will ask a bunch of questions and ask for a family member to submit or mail a copy of a death certificate.

Before you start panicking, it can take as long as a month to collect or receive the death certificate.  Because the death of your loved one likely just occurred, stay calm and take good notes on behalf of the Veteran.

Once you connect with a mortician, the process seeking a death certificate through Minnesota’s Department of Health will be straight forward.

Final Thoughts as you Contact the VA

Yes, contacting the VA is important for the reasons I identified above.  Even more significant is helping the Veteran’s spouse or children.

Thus, I encourage all military families to help one another during this grieving process.